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A residence, a commercial building and a community all have different energy needs. A community must supply energy for its residents and businesses, and families and businesses rely on gas, water and electricity to be effortlessly provided. Current-C has worked with diverse groups—from single families to large communities—and introduced products and services that keep natural resources flowing while using them in the most effective ways possible.

Energy and water usage, costs, and savings are important to our clients for many reasons, some of them common across all markets.  The more common include:

• Costs have been increasing, impacting profitability
• Building occupants are uncomfortable
• Energy use has been increasing for no obvious reason
• Equipment is in need of replacement, and specifications call for energy efficient equipment
• A grant application requires and energy audit
• Water usage must be lowered, in drought-affected regions.
•  A new or remodeled “green building” is planned
•  Sustainability reporting requires data on energy and water use over time
•  Changes in construction codes require new approaches to construction
•  The generation of increased economic activity requires local sources of energy
•  Critical systems require an “off-grid” energy generation capability for energy security
•  Building occupants need training to understand and operate building controls or other systems
•  Maintenance on equipment or a facility has been neglected, and new energy efficient product /   equipment purchase can be financed in part by utility rebates.
•  Waste reuse could  provide additional revenue or substantial cost reductions
•  Management wants to know how their building and process energy use compares to that of the competition


Although each market and indeed each client is different, there are “families”of potential solutions upon which we draw for any particular client.  General solutions include:

energy furnitureEnergy Services

• Utility bill and rate analysis
• Utility usage monitoring and analysis
• Process flow analysis and recommendations
• Alternative energy analysis and recommendations
• Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Building Services

• Infrared thermal imaging & analysis
• Energy Star Benchmarking and Certification
• LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consulting
• Daylighting and passive solar enhancements
• Lighting, furniture, landscaping for comfort
• Building envelope commissioning
• Third party review of products or services to be provided by others
• Energy use analyses and energy audits

energy efficiency auditsResources

• Energy efficiency recommendations and audits
• Water use reduction
• Financing for recommended projects
• Waste reduction
• Material reuse
• Financial analysis
• Innovative and standard financing opportunities
• Workforce training and education


• Needs Assessment
• Strategic planning
• Energy master plan
• Sustainability plan development
• Team development