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Energy Efficiency Consulting Firm

Businesses of all types rely on energy for everything they do. Mid-sized and smaller companies can now take advantage of our services as an energy efficiency consulting firm to reduce their energy use in ways that make sense for them.
Nonprofits are charged to achieve their Mission, and we help by reducing their energy costs and providing financing for energy related projects where desired.
Governments and Tribes
With multiple claims on scarce resources, governments and Tribes are stewards interested in reducing costs where possible, while providing excellent services to their members and residents. Energy use reduction and energy generation can accomplish both purposes.
Educational Institutions
In the energy realm, educational institutions occupy a special place. Resources can be strained, and yet they hold the future. Through integrating energy services with educational objectives, extraordinary results are possible.
Energy Effectiveness
As an energy consulting firm, we help you become energy aware, and energy effective.

Energy and water are “invisible” in many organizations, yet those “invisible” resources translate into concrete and visible costs.

Cost reduction is one of the benefits our clients see from our typical 4-phase process:

  • People / Action phase – Assess the energy picture and work with staff to reduce energy and water use quickly by 8 – 12%.
  • Building / Investment phase – Recommended and implement investments to reduce energy and water use by an additional 10 – 20%.
  • Renewable / Generation phase – Recommend and implement renewable energy strategies as appropriate, including financing.
  • Repeat, and continue – Energy use is not static; continued attention to energy use will continue to drive savings lower.
Working with Current-C, you know where to start– how to continue – and how to be more effective over the long run.
Saving resources is simple. And practical too.
We can help you drive your profits up while you drive your energy and water use down.

Short term actions lead to immediate savings, and longer term investments continue and increase those savings.Our simple process leads you from assessment through implementation, with solutions tailored to your particular needs.

Together, we can increase your cash on hand while we fix drafty buildings, replace old equipment, make sure lights are turned off when they’re not needed, source more reliable power, reduce water use, and much more.

energy efficiency consulting firm

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