Energy Efficiency Financing

Automobile financing are commonplace, as have mortgages for home purchases – few people have put aside the funds required to purchase such high-dollar items outright. Organizations too borrow money for large ticket items – or lease the equipment. For energy efficiency and alternative energy projects, energy efficiency financing is available.

Current-C brings third-party Energy efficiency financingfinancing with SparkFund, of energy efficiency and alternative energy projects – net of any rebates or incentives that might be available.

Our experienced finance partners can structure the loans and leases in a variety of different ways, most of them generating positive cash flow.

Investing in energy projects is a smart business move, and with our financing assistance you can be saving money immediately. Remember, if your margin is 10%, then saving $5,000 in utility expenses has an effect equivalent to increasing revenue by $50,000.

We work with clients to secure rebates and incentives. We are proud to be a PNM Trade Ally.