What is energy efficiency, and what are alternative energy resources?

Energy stepstones
Become “Energy Effective” with “Energy StepStones ™”

Large organizations have energy managers (as well as IT managers, human resources managers, etc.)  Many smaller organizations, however, outsource these types of expertise on a part-time basis.  Through our “Energy StepStones” program, we can be your outsourced energy managers.

With our structured “Energy StepStones” program, we help you increase your energy efficiency, using energy only where you need it and in ways that reduce your costs. Where appropriate, we also recommend and help you develop alternative energy resources – such as re-capturing waste heat or generating your own power with photovoltaic panels.

Organizations use many resources to achieve their purposes, including energy and water.  Management needs to understand how those resources are used, and then manage them effectively.  This is no less true for energy and water than it is for information technology – and effective energy and water management has been shown to have an excellent return on investment.


Energy StepStones™ focuses on four areas:
1. The environment
2. People who work in the building
3. The building
4. Processes and equipment

Energy EfficiencyAlternative EnergyRenewable Energy

Current-C can analyze your energy use and develop personalized, innovative strategies to make your business more Energy Effective by reducing operating expenses and using resources more effectively.  Through a systemic and systematic focus on currency (or finances), energy and water, and the systems they form as the systems we operate inside, we improve organizations and work with internal teams to become more competitive over a six month period.

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