solar panelSince energy and water are central to our way of life, we need to better understand how we use them.  When energy, water, and the funds that pay for them are used wisely, we can do more with less.

Current-C offers many energy-efficient products for use in homes and businesses. Because of our close ties to many Green industries, we have access to a variety of dynamic resources that may not be widely available.

Current-C brings broad experience and knowledge to clients, focusing that experience on your challenges and goals.  Our services and products are tested and proven, and include:

solar panels


We look at 4 areas of opportunity:

-Benchmarking and Understanding (Energy Star, Utility bill analysis and coordination, targeted analyses & recommendations, behavior systems)
-Training and workshops on energy use, sustainability, and other topics
-Energy Management Plans and other related strategies
-Operations and Maintenance Training on energy-related topics
-Green Building (Plan review, financial review of alternatives, energy auditing, USGBC Leadership in Energy & Environmental Management (LEED) consulting, project management, building assessment (including thermal imaging), energy efficiency recommendations)
-Water efficiency assessment and programs
-Waste reduction programs
-Alternative / renewable energy projects
Equipment / Processes:
-Building retro-commissioning, equipment replacement recommendations
-Co-generation, waste re-use, process integration

We keep up to date on new energy efficiency, alternative energy, and water-related products and processes, and recommend, specify, or implement those appropriate for your circumstances.

Current-C implements many high- and low-tech energy-saving solutions for homes and businesses. Contact us to find out how we can help you benefit from utilizing these systems.

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