Stormclouds and Rainbows

calamansiFor those who don’t know me, here’s an admission.  I’m the classic “glass half full” person, one who enjoys making lemonade out of lemons – or limes – or calamansi – and doesn’t feel that a lot of sugar is necessary for the beverage to be “good”.

Still, even for one such as me, this has been a challenging year.  We close the hottest year on record with mass migrations, misery, violence, tornadoes and floods, economic uncertainty, hatred and anger.  We begin a new year fearing more of the same.

And yet – there are reasons to be positive, to look back on the good things that have happened this year, to celebrate.  This New York Times editorial on December 25, “Moments of Grace in a Grim Year” captures those thoughts and images beautifully:  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/25/opinion/moments-of-grace-in-a-grim-year.html?_r=0

As we begin the year 2016, may we celebrate the good, while committing to strive for a better year – for all of us who call this fragile yet resilient blue-green planet “Home”.  Look for the rainbows – they often hide inside the storm.  And when you have found them, help them shine more brightly…

May your New Year be full of joy, empty of hate, and may you enjoy lots of good lemonade.  Happy New Year!