Planning The New Year Ahead

As we move towards the end of the year, I try to slow down enough to realize that we are in one of those “between” periods, a time to sit back and smile about the good that occurred this past year, and to close one’s eyes and grieve about the bad. To hope that next year will be better, that a time of peace and understanding will flourish, that the joy and laughter mentioned in Holiday songs will percolate up everywhere.

I’ve decided, this year, that it’s also a time to plan some changes; after all, now that my schedules and contact information are all on the internet, I don’t have the opportunity to stare for hours at 2016 calendars, trying to determine how my year will need to be organized. Something else has to mark the transition between the old year and the new.

In the context of the extraordinary Agreement on Climate Change reached in Paris this past weekend, I decided to end the year with a gesture – a small gesture; one taken in the understanding that if we all take small gestures they DO add up. For example, according to the interesting site “worldometers”, there are almost 7.4 billion people in the world, and almost 7 million of us do not have access to safe drinking water. If each of the 6.7 billion of us who DO have safe drinking water were to decrease our water use by a gallon a day, the total saved over a year would be sufficient to provide 4.7 billion people with the UN daily minimum water requirement for a day.

giftsSo, when I am in a morning rush and have no time to take a shower, I have decided to consider that a virtue instead of bad planning (or slothfulness!), and in addition I “recycled” something I did years ago, making wrapping bags out of miscellaneous pieces of material. Years ago I had done the same thing – and the bags not only eliminated the need for wrapping paper, they reduced the Holiday wrapping time – every year – significantly. (I love efforts which have co-benefits!)

There are of course others who are taking larger steps – like my colleague David Martyn, who has created a transportable, unfolding building.  With David’s permission, I share his Holiday wishes

Here is a Christmas message for you from Ten Fold.

And how about you?  In this season, what actions will you take?  Small or large, they are all important!