Tribes facility Facilities operated by communities and Tribes such as schools, libraries,  fire stations, offices, and water / wastewater treatment plants have opportunities for reducing expenses through energy conservation and energy efficiency; they can also install power generation stations which reduce costs and potentially provide a community service.  Those which are outside the main urban centers are often unfamiliar with the opportunities for savings which energy provides.  For some of these communities and Tribes, there may also be opportunities for energy generation that can reduce outages and costs at the same time.

Solar Panels

solar panelsIn particular, communities and Tribes are often good prospects for mid-sized “community solar” projects, where solar panels are installed to service several different facilities, sometimes combined with other renewable energy applications. Solar panels and solar systems can be designed to be placed on roofs, cover community gathering places or parking areas, and in other creative ways which provide additional side-benefits to the community.

Some energy projects can also be developed in ways that contribute to economic development, social benefit, and job creation.

Key Clients

• Town of Taos (subcontract to Global Energy)
• Several Chapters of the Navajo Nation
• Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation, Utah (subcontract to RCAC)
• Mora County, NM (subcontract to RCAC)
• Rural Renewable Energy Alliance, NM
• New Mexico Green Collaborative (State of NM)
• Rio Rancho School District


Current-C has performed numerous consulting projects on a “bid” basis as well as under “not to exceed” contracts.