renewable energy resourcesWorldwide, the market for energy efficiency and energy conservation projects, products, and services is growing.  In the US, combined financing and investment in building, industrial, and supply side energy efficiency doubled in 2012, for example – to $15 billion.

Renewable energy resources are also important to these organizations, and can be used to reduce utility costs, increase utility reliability and resilience in case the electric grid goes down, and many other purposes. Combined, energy use reduction and renewable energy resources can strengthen an organization, reducing risk and increasing profitability.

Many industrial facilities, hospitals, and other large energy users have focused on reducing their energy use and cost or developing renewable energy resources for a number of years, but small to mid-sized organizations have not had the knowledge, the financing, or targeted, reliable project recommendations with investment and savings projections to rely on.  We focus on this “underserved” market using new technologies and approaches, providing  verifiable results.

Current-C works closely with clients to assess their needs and opportunities, and then to provide the products and services that are most beneficial to each organization. Our broad range of technical expertise allows us to focus on solutions to help your business achieve its goals and make the most impact on your bottom line and long-term viability.

Multiple studies have shown that savings often average 20% of energy costs, with combination “all of the above” strategies (sometimes called “deep energy retrofits”) that approach 50%.


“Ideal” clients include:

  • Restaurants, which have extremely high energy usage per square foot, and low margins.
  • Small chain or independent hotels, which operate 24 hours a day and have high energy needs for laundry facilities, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • Independent grocery stores and other food-related business, which have heavy refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting needs.
  • Nonprofits, which typically have facilities that are not well maintained, and often operate on very thin margins.
  • Industrial facilities, especially those which generate heat from their processes.
  • Health-related facilities, with high lighting and HVAC needs as well as long operating hours.


Key Clients

• USAID Afghanistan (Higher Education Project, renewable energy assessment), Kabul
• El Valle Water Alliance, NM
• New Mexico Community Development Loan Fund, NM
• Four Corners Native American Ministry, Shiprock, NM
• National Outdoor Leadership School, Lander, WY
• Department of Workforce Solutions, NM
• University of New Mexico at Gallup, NM
• University of New Mexico at Valencia, NM
• NM Rural Water Alliance, NM
• SmartGridAsia.US, Thailand


Current-C has provided many advisory services on a “bid” basis as well as under “not to exceed” contracts.