Other examples of our work:

energy audit“Plan Review” for a large multi-purpose building in Wyoming. The recommendations reduced energy use by approximately 10%, and first cost by approximately $50,000.

Energy audit for a school district recommending improvements to reduce costs, improve facilities, and educate the students and teachers on energy efficiency and renewable energy. One recommendation was to save over $100,000 at a cost of under $5,000 in reconfiguring a control system; another was to engage elementary school teachers in STEM-related energy efforts.

Analysis and recommendations for renewable energy projects at 16 Institutions of Higher Education in Afghanistan, under US Government auspices.  Given the lack of reliable energy in some regions, traditional knowledge from local community leaders on passive solar systems and almost-forgotten practices was included among the recommendations.

Regional Cluster Analysis and economic development recommendations for a public/private partnership. New “green” businesses were started and additional green jobs created as a result.

Energy efficiency improvements to an industrial facility in Denver which reduced electrical costs by approximately 6% through process improvements and power quality enhancements.

Strategic energy planning workshops for several Chapters of the Navajo Nation.

Report on the feasibility of energy efficiency improvements and the installation of a wind turbine with an educational kiosk along an interstate highway.

Instructor in green building programs at UNM Branch campuses.