Preserving a Historic Commercial Building in Santa Fe

historic commercial buildingSouthwestern Title & Escrow, Inc. is in a historic district with strict rules about changes to the exterior of the building. So when employees complained about the drafty cold, president John Fox couldn’t just replace the windows in this Santa Fe, New Mexico commercial building. Energy-efficient double-pane replicas of the original windows would have been prohibitively expensive. So he turned to Indow.

“The measurement process was very easy and simple,” he said. “I think the product is effective and it’s very unobtrusive – you really don’t see it.”

He installed 49 Standard Grade inserts over every single-pane window in the three-story building. And it’s preserved the original windows that have born witness to more than 100 years of colorful history. Southwestern Title & Escrow, Inc. is housed in a building that is said to have been once a brothel and another time a nunnery. In a 1952 article, a woman named Myrtle Andrews Gere remembered her family rented the place for $11 a month in the 1890s. “The joy of my youth was the old gas-light pipes in the ceiling of each room that the extinct gas company had left intact when it went out of business. In my bedroom, I used the pipe on which to hang a memory wheel, to which souvenir ribbons from friends were tied.”

The building is not only rich in history and character, it’s now comfortable too. Cold winds no longer blow through the single-pane windows with their irreplaceable wavy leaded glass.