Boston Tea Party

I Love Taxes As this time of year rolls around, I am always reminded how much I love taxes – You know, the opportunity to collect all sorts of forms from employers, prime contractors, financial institutions, nonprofits, medical providers – and to finally do those last few months of accounting for 2015, a task which somehow has […]

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Solar yacht

Cool Stuff OK, I admit it.  I gave in to the temptation to write about “cool stuff” today.  Even boring business people who spend most of their time puzzling over such topics as what temperature and quality of light would be best for a retail client, analyzing the financial impact of replacing an old but good […]

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How much does my electricity cost?? We’re half way through the first month of 2016, which means it’s time to move from general thoughts and New Year’s Resolutions to specific topics. Very specific ones, in fact – like paying utility bills! Although utility usage patterns at work are somewhat more consistent and generally only partially under my control, I was […]

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Stormclouds and Rainbows

For those who don’t know me, here’s an admission.  I’m the classic “glass half full” person, one who enjoys making lemonade out of lemons – or limes – or calamansi – and doesn’t feel that a lot of sugar is necessary for the beverage to be “good”. Still, even for one such as me, this […]

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Planning The New Year Ahead

As we move towards the end of the year, I try to slow down enough to realize that we are in one of those “between” periods, a time to sit back and smile about the good that occurred this past year, and to close one’s eyes and grieve about the bad. To hope that next […]

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Paris Climate Change Conference – Watching the World Watch

 (Delegates at COP21 / (Photo credit Carl Court/Getty Images / It’s the end of the first week of December, a week of grand drama and tragedy.  My new phone has determined that it will vibrate when it has “news” – and since that seems to be the only technology I own which is working, I’ve […]

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Selling Buggy Whips in an era of Climate Change…

A very long time ago, I worked in the Finance Department of a buggy whip manufacturer – or at least the equivalent, in the 1980s. In case you have not come across the story of the buggy whip manufacturer recently, it goes something like this, from a site called “risky thinking”:  “The buggy whip is […]

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What ARE our costs? (A story of revenues, costs, and externalities.)

Let’s imagine I decide to start a small manufacturing operation.  I want to make small flowerpots, so I research the market and discover that a fair price for an unpainted flowerpot is $5, while the price for a nice, artistically painted one is $10.  I check on the price of the materials which would go […]

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Sustainable Summit

The Sustainable Business Summit

It was a rainy week in Washington DC, and the crowds in town for the Pope’s visit had gone.  President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia had been in town – but they too had left.  No doubt there was a sense of exhaustion and a feeling of relaxation to be […]

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It’s what life is made of, and we can’t live without it. According to NOAA, the ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface and contains 97% of the planet’s water, which means that water also helps make our weather. It’s the lack of water that is one of the root causes of the fires in […]

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