Sandra B McCardellCurrent-C Energy Systems has provided client-focused energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services since 1996. We work closely with our clients to provide the products and services that are most beneficial to them. With our broad network of technical experts, we can recommend and implement solutions that impact your bottom line.

Current-C’s founder and President is Sandra McCardell, whose background in business and profit management sets the tone for the company. A network of experts developed in many locations and over many years provide deep expertise for particular project designs and implementation, products, and solutions.Green Building


Current-C team


One of Sandra’s particular interests lies in the area of green building, leading her to become a US Green Building Council Accredited Professional in 2005 and to teach several courses for the University of New Mexico branch campuses on green building and small scale renewable energy. She also believes strongly that new developments in metering and analysis can enable people to take control of their energy expenses in practical ways, and most projects Current-C develops include monitors, dashboards, and/or control systems which provide the knowledge and ability to control energy use.

Network partners: Engineering (Mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, energy, power quality); Third-party financing organizations; Contractors; Lighting professionals; Green Building experts; Demand Control experts;
Energy monitor designers & controls experts; behavior change specialists; sustainability experts; and more.